Sealey Sealey Motorcycle Lift Off-Road/Trials Bikes 135kg

This features an all steel scissor type construction with foot operation and integral hydraulic pump.


Sealey Sealey Quick Lift Off-Road/Trials Bike Stand

Ideal for use with off-road/trials bikes to easily lift the bike when needing to perform maintenance/services or cleaning.


Sealey Sealey Quick Lift Stand/Moving Dolly 135kg

Ideal for use with off-road/trials bikes, thanks to the simple, one foot, step-and-lift mechanism means the bike can be instantly raised in one motion.


Sealey Sealey Single Post Motorcycle Lift 450kg

Ideal for use with the Sealey range of wheel chocks to assist supporting the motorcycle, whilst adjusting the frame supports and securing to the lift.

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